We only recommed products that multiple customers have purchased and have met the following criteria: There are numerous brands who have approached us, as "they can offer us a better price" - but we take the view that price is not always the key factor of supply.  

We prefer to offer our customers choice.  We will and do feature "cheaper" products.  
We will however, only recommend a product to you that we supplied over a year or more (not weeks !)
Our recommended products are those we have supplied for "Years" and the brand/manufacturer have been around as long as us, so we feel comfortable with the "continuity" of supplying these products to you on your next order(s)......

I can't recall a product from Henbury that has not lived up to, or exceeded our customers' expectations.
To this end, having supplied just about every product from the Henbury range over some 10 years, I can't fault any product within their range and would have no hesitation recommending Henbury Products.    You will, if you look hard enough find a cheaper alternative, but rarely a cheaper product of Henbury quality...

Scott Arlett, Managing Director

The extensive range of Henbury products has key design features that set them apart from the rest.   Innovative design and fabric development, creating quality and value in the range.

The Polo Shirts all have the exclusive Henbury "Stand Up Collar" ensuring quality of wear and only the very best yarns are used in manufacturing, giving a luxurious feel to all the garments.

Workwear Polos
The H400 (Poly/Cotton) is ideal for workwear, where garments will require regular wash cycles - featuring 24 colours in the Men's variant and up to 5XL in selected colours - with a ladies equivalent (H401) making the product cross over seamlessly in 15 colours (from size 8 to 20).

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CoolPlus Polos (Dry Fit)
If you have staff who are making trips to warm climates and they want a lighter weight polo, with moistuire wicking properties, commonly referred to as Dry-Fit, we would suggest the CoolPlus polo, available in 10 Colours, and crossing over in both the ladies and mens equivalents.  We have supplied these shirts to literally hundreds of customers since it was introduced in 2009 and they have all commented just how nice they are, and "don't need ironing" when compared to other material compositions.

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If you would like us to recommend a Fleece, a Jacket, Knitwear, T-shirt, Trousers etc, etc - please do drop us a line advising us of the purpose of the garment, what category of staff will wear the garment e.g. office based, or installers/engineers, any budgetary constraints and what issues you may have had with a product previously that you would like to remedy - and we will send you the relevant information and a link to the product within our site, that we feel you should consider and we will let you know the reasons behind our suggestion.

Recommended Products
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